1. One man replied second man :- Are you fucked by other mans ,, your back is wide and deep hole
    Second man shamed and his face down *beware for this exercise*😠😠😠😠😠

  2. You should never exercise on your heel. "Push through the heel" does not mean put all the force on your heel. You should put you weight on your heel and the middle of your foot by shifting your body weight back slightly.

  3. Despite the snazzy "Hollywood type" name, Brett delivers some really good, very pertinent,
    and very applicable exercise intructions that target what most men want and need.
    His reassuring stle puts one at ease, and the need for better facial muscles or muscles
    anywhere, are made to feel very normal and 'ok.' I subscribe to this channel.

  4. I think he might have played with all of us. He got our minds going in so many directions. Take a Poll: How many really kept eyes and ears innocent? 🧐😈🤬🤥

  5. Sorry to disappoint you but your body is not ‘male model body’. You wouldnt fit in sample sizes. Yours is rather ‘american underwear model’.

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