1. Thank you so much I’ve been going through YouTube and I find your workout just perfect. Just enough talking and the timer really helps keep me on track. You’ve now gained a subscriber would be amazing to see more kettle bells it’s the only thing that keep me motivated to push on. Thank you so much ❤️🤟

  2. This was absolutely brilliant!! Thank you! My first ever kettle bell workout so I stated with 6kg and that was plenty!!! More kettle bell workouts would be fab! Thank you so much for all what your doing!!

  3. COVID-19 lockdowns- made me lower weekly running totals. But also got me to get back out an old 8km kettlebell. Need to upgrade to 12kg but this is still an awesome 25 min workout.

    I’d love to see a 45 min cardio and core focused video from you! Thanks coach!

  4. Great workout Joe, sweating buckets, I am limited to 2 kettlebells at home during lockdown and need to keep doing weights to help me lose weight, this workout was great to start my morning, more of this please.

  5. Absolutely love this one Joe .. have done it a few times .. love that you can choose how many rounds you do .. tonight I aimed to do three and ended up doing the whole thing ! Feel great now 😊

  6. More (30 min) kettlebells please (and dumbells). That was perfect! Stupid q, is it ok to switch weight of kettlebells between exercises? Thanks for doing these, making a huge difference to me in lockdown between working and having the kids.

  7. How can anyone not want to workout with the lovely Joe's motivation and easy to follow routines, he's the best, i owe my sanity and wellbeing to this guy during lockdown 💪

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