1. I found your no noise 20 minute hiit workout today for the first time and I got through the entire thing, normally I struggle but it felt so comfortable. My new favorite workout youtuber. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Finally I did this dance workout! Been meaning to do it for a while, but did your other hiit sessions instead. Anyway, keep up the good work Abby! Thanks so much, would love to see more of this kind! 🙂

  3. Omg I just had the best idea you should make this a series and do this format for different songs focusing on different parts of the body and then later combining all of the songs into like a 20 minute dance workout!!!!

  4. Such a fun twist on working out! I feel the exact same, love to dance but not the best at looking natural 😂😂 you did amazing though!! The pace is really nice too! I feel like a lot of dance workouts are too fast to keep up with. Thanks for going out of your comfort zone for us!!❤️

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