1. Hi I am really enjoying doing your work out- I even do it with my kids. However I am 4and a half months postpartum and have diastasis recti- which I think I getting worse. Are there any exercises in this video that I shouldn't be doing? Thanks again for the boost during Covid-19!

  2. Been doing this workout for a few weeks now, with a 3 mile walk, and 100 pushups and crunches a day. Really love your style, and the way you train. Getting better every time I return and I’m excited to reach my goal. Thank you Hasfit, even though your videos are old, I still use it. 👍

  3. This is a really great beginner workout to get some foundational exercise movements down and really work up a sweat. Thank you HASfit for this workout. I just got done with another workout and it sure feels good.

  4. Have just started with this video. It's amazing how much effort it took complete one round. I am not able to control my movements right now. But, I hope I get perfect in all these exercises. Thanks a lot sir!

  5. Thanks for your workout. In my 20’s /30’s I was in great shape and over the years have become sedentary…I got frustrated trying other workout programs because after putting on 30 lbs it was just too physically hard To complete…I would quit every program midway…thank you for actually making a beginner program that someone can actually do and feel good about themselves.

  6. GREAT WORKOUT! I'm visiting my Mom and Dad, and I don't have access to a gym. I also did not feel like getting into the Alabama heat and humidity; HOWEVER, I did work up a sweat! Thanks coach!!

  7. This was the first workout I ever did with Hasfit and that was 2 years ago! I did this workout this morning and it brought back memories! It's definitely showed me how far I have came. As coach says "It doesn't happen over night" and that's very true and think people forget that sometimes! When I started my journey I was 18 stone now I weigh 12 stone 5 pounds. I'm enjoying your workouts. I thought I'd share with the Hasfit tribe and you guys! Naomi from UK.(Nao25)

  8. I'm quite a big guy, never used to be, this is the first time I've exercised in 8 years. I done this all it was damn hard but keep pushing people dare to dream 💪💪

  9. I’ve been doing this for two weeks and it has been great. Just wondering can I mix my exercises up by doing the 15 fat burning exercises first then skip the intro for this exercise and start half way through?

  10. If you wanna lose weight and build muscle, is beginning with this ok or is this more for weight loss and I should do other things to build muscle ?

  11. This workout really did the job, I sweated so hard. I felt the pain of this workout, it really helps me get into shape. Thank you for this workout!!:)

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