1. I watch this video all the time for inspiration! I have a rescue that used to be kicked and beaten so he was terrified of hands and legs. With exercises (or games as I call them) that works on body awareness has improved his trust and self esteem greatly! Thank you so much for posting this! 

  2. Loving these Donna, some I hadn't seen before. Walking back I taught my Collie and it has been great for keeping his back legs strong and the brain pathways too as the drugs tend to make him ataxic at times.

  3. Will this help them in the long run, in terms of like, will they evolve better will the puppies be better if the mother does these exercises?

    I'd like to think there are some definite studies on such a thing and some conclusive evidence. At least one would think

  4. Great video. We teach a few rear end awareness exercises in our Intro to Agility class – and I encourage my students to be creative with and try to use things around the home. What a great video to show them to give them a better idea of the things that can be done.

  5. This is an interesting precision, thanks.
    anyway, what I meant is the luring hand though you have no reward in it, instead of letting the dog guess and try, shaping the movements. I always try shaping at first and then lure a very little if necessary. But there are many many ways to do it, 😉 the most important is that everybody find his or her own 🙂

  6. Interesting observation. I don't actually lure in any of them. They are all cued behaviors. The cue looks like a lure but you'll notice I feed from the other hand (unless the transition cut them out).

  7. This is a very nice video – very useful for these needing some inspiration (I sometimes need some 😉 ) the only thing is I would lure less, i am sure it would be even more interesting for the dogs 🙂

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