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  2. Ever since i started university i've been walking alot sometimes i dont take the bus and just walk back home for like 1h, sometimes with friends we walk 10.000 steps , and i lost alot of weight
    Now im also walking at home for 1 hour while reading, or watching videos since itw quarantine

  3. I know the worlds best running shoe its your foot and i bet u it is it has 26 bone 30 articulations 20 plus muscles and being in the arch in 4 layers. But then u say well how. Come if I run my heel and ancles and joints hurt and people get injured every year well u have been doing it wrong for a long time I'll let u figure it out your self watch just grab your phone or somethin play in in slow motion with ur shoes on run oh look I'm landing on my heel take ur shoes off and do a fast jog and now look on slow motion look where ur landing and that the natural way to run and all ur injuries will go away and u will full benefit from running everyday. If u do want to just know and not be lazy I'll tell u. If forefoot and midfoot striking its better plus with ur bulky THICC shoes nice fomy comfortable shoes they actually deform ur foot. Hopefuly u found this helpful and this will 100% improve ur running!

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  6. Thanks i think that its a little complicated but i m going to try this 100% coz i want to lose weight as soon as possible
    through good physical activity

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  9. February,12 /2020
    I start walking for 17 minutes per day
    1km per day
    I will come back on March,12 /2020
    enshalla to tell you the results
    My weight now is 65 kg
    I wanna reach 58 kg

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