1. Cassie you're literally so amazing and I have been doing this workout for the past couple of days and I can feel the burn in my legs every morning when I wake up!! I'm getting really good results ly 🤩

  2. Day 3 done!!Releve plie pulses is still my killing moment I can't do it for 45s only 30 and I fall like a jelly…
    About Leg circles I don't think that I can use resistance band, right?

  3. Cassie you make me feel so much better about myself. I have so much fun working out with you even though I die every time. I feel so much stronger. I’m getting emotional over here lol I’m just so thankful for you.

  4. Ughhhhhh I wanna do this so bad because my legs are my biggest area of insecurity but I'm already doing the chloe ting challenge so I'm just tryna do a little bit of both. 😅

  5. Used to do Insanity until I moved to an apartment. Haven't been able to find a work out that's apartment friendly and as intense as Insanity, until I found these workouts 🙌 thanks Cassey!

  6. Hi! I am on day 4 today on this workout !

    Where did you get your black top please tell me I love it! I want one in black and white? n

    I did not see it on popflex? will you carry it again?

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