1. First of all I freaking love this girl. Haven't missed a work out in weeks. Love her attitude and I actually look forward to working out every morning. Second, I've been working on my flexibility and I think I popped a tendon in my inner thigh while over stretching. Anyone know if I can continue lightly stretching until it heals? Ways to prevent this in the future? I wasn't in a bunch of pain or anything when it happened, it just seemed to pop… I know this is youtube and not the doctors office but advice from people that have been in a similar situation would be appreciated 🙂

  2. Sydney. I really liked this stretch the most. I have lower back tightness and tight hamstrings and calves. Also my hips. Mostly on the left side.
    So this is a stretch. I will come back too.

  3. I needed this stretch so badly. Thank you for this one, Sydney! I’m feeling amazing and ready to get this new week started. This past week has been full of so many fun workouts and I’m excited to see what you have yet to bring ❤️

  4. Also….I'm looking for a new mat, any recommendations that will withstand the whole range of workouts on this channel. Thanks in advance for any suggestions 💋

  5. This mornings workout was followed by a whole days training on zoom….this was EXACTLY what my body needed. Thank you 🙏💕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  6. I just completed this stretch and oh my lord do I feel amazing. Sydney kills it in every video and makes me feel good for working with her. I'm definitely getting more flexible and stronger. Thank you for everything you do!

  7. Great stretch, good to be in hold for longer.I stretch every day but still have pain in one knee, I can't do pigeon pose.I know this tightness in my knee stems from hip/your/calf but no amount of stretching seems to help.Any ideas? Thank you

  8. Omg!! My hamstrings and abductors are really sore!! This definitely helped to loosen them a bit!! Great way to start the week!! Thank you so much!!😊

  9. I crushed it! I’m totally in the moment of being proactive to my health. And Sydney, you are motivating me so much. I have a lot to lose but you show me I have a lot to gain! Thanks for the stretch, I’m keeping this in my roster of stretches!

  10. Great stretch on the inner thighs lunge with elbow on floor in the beginning🙂 and the last move in pigeon pose with legs was great for hips. Also leg over knee with forward bend, was great for hips too🙂

  11. I am literally getting in the best shape of my life because of you! Thank you! I love stretching and you have the best ones. Its been almost 8 months of working out/stretching with you. Stretching has helped me to relax, heal, feel good and become so flexible!💜

  12. Ahhh, really nice stretch! Sunday is usually a rest day for me, but I like to do some "active rest" movement. This morning I did a 20-minute qi gong flow, then did this lovely stretch with Sydney. Really needed those hamstring and hip stretches! I really liked the music for this video, too. Thanks Sydney and Dustin 💖🙏

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