1. Loved this! So sweaty and the next day I was quite sore, especially in my hamstrings for some reason 🤔. There's something about doing every exercise only once that makes me want to give it my all in every Interval 😅!

  2. It really helps that Zanna is struggling with us – those workouts that you follow where the instructor is barely breaking a sweat are so disheartening. I had to take a breather in the middle of this one as my asthma/bronchospasm was set off by all the cardio and I ended up having a lasting cough after the last 20 min HIIT one that I pushed through. Still feeling good even with the 5 min break for the pain in my throat / chest to calm down and probably made those reverse burpees (fave cardio exercise) quite enjoyable. Anything with mountain climbers though… ew.

  3. Hi Zanna
    Thanks so much for the workout, I’m living alone during quarantine in Dubai and have struggled with motivation!
    Is there any chance you could do a quick run through of what all the exercises will look like before the workout starts so that we’re prepared during the 45 seconds and can get going straight away?!
    Love watching your stuff x

  4. This workout is great!! But i have a question, I thought Hiit workouts had to had like sets that you do twice or more times? I’m not judging or anything i’m just curious 🙂

  5. This was great, thanks Zanna. I love working out alongside you. I struggle with a lot of squatting/lunging so replaced a couple with bicep curls and tricep behind the head thingies (ha – no idea what they're called!).

  6. Gahhhhhh thank you so so so much for this Zanna!!! No repeat exercise videos are my absolute favourite! Just a comment to tell you how much appreciation I have for all your content….you are FAB! xxx

  7. I loved this! Just about to force Hubster and children to do it too. Really challenging but enjoyable. It took me two days to recover from the leg workout due to the doms (and I usually lift heavy in the gym). I have a feeling I could be in the same position tomorrow morning! Best instructor ever. 🥰😘

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