1. This one is a favourite of mine. I do this ab and arm workout often, usually after another 30 minute popsugar fit video. It’s a great finisher and you feel strong after!

  2. Thanks for the awesome workout !!!!! Any workout will bore me after 5min but this one made me feel strong and powerful all the way, loved it 🙂

  3. This was my 1st workout since high school (93) almost killed me but I love it. I've gained 7lbs just sitting and eating since the quarantine so I'm sticking with it. Plus a 2 mile walk or 4 mile bike ride daily. I'm exhausted just sharing 😭

  4. Added this onto the end of one of the 40 minute workouts as I needed a little something more – so perfect! Thank you Anna!

  5. SO AMAZING !!! Love these videos! in the lockdown, I am doing 1-2 pr day and loving it! I only come to PopSugar Fitness now to find workout video. I know I will find something good! This is really keeping my mental health !!!

  6. Loved it. First exercising I've done in isolation… And for the last 12 months 🙂 was sweating and flooded with endorphins! Thank you!!!

  7. Every workout they have is amazing!!!! Working from home, covid virus and quarantine has me nutty lmao! Might as well be crazy in shape lol!

  8. Ty for this great workout, I have done this one many times but recently I ve started to get bunched up in my upper back n in between my shoulders, is it better to put one foot back while doing hammer curls?

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