1. Props! Great workout man. I did´t manage to the end today but I felt motivted tocome back tomorow for some more. The goal is to keep at it until I master this work out.

  2. 2 week shredd day 9…been video documenting my progress before each days workout. Going to put together a lil video of my results and also add in some of the things I've been doing to help maximize my results. Let's do this 💪🏾

  3. The mountain climbers and the burpees kick my ass. Do to the virus i gained so much weight am going to make this my everyday routine never letting my self go. I love it!!! Keep it up bro.

  4. This is what I need! I gained 10lbs and I need to get rid of them in a month! I need to fit into my clothes! Lol and of course, I will be eating healthy again too.

  5. Tried this two days in a row….made ten mins the first day (after 10mins of jumping jacks) and 13.5 mins today. Back on it tomorrow!

    Just want to say thanks Bully for all the great vids! I’ve been doing your workouts since December and I’m on my 2nd go around the 30 Day Plan mk2 (with modifications)…definite increase in muscle and improvement in fitness! I guess I’m an OG Returning Bully now!

  6. Going on 4 weeks following this guy and doing the 10 min abs workouts in the a.m and 20 or 30 in the evening…results speak for themselves! feel great and look great! Thank you Sir! keep 'em coming. 👏

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