1. If you ever done a bounce trampoline workout this is very similar, very good work out just take your time drink lots of water and pause when it get too much for beginners. If you did this routine 2-3 weekly you’ll get the moves down
    It’s a high impact workout that gets your heart bumping and your muscles use to working out.

  2. This is my favorite! All of it is really fun and it is the only work out I can follow through to the end with a smile. Thanks for the sweats. haha

  3. First time I did this workout I thought it was super fun but some of the moves were a bit hard to get fast enough. BUT I knew that if I did it a few more times I'd really get the hang of it and now it's one of my favourites because it's quick, the moves hit so many parts of the body and most importantly it's still super fun!

  4. This video was difficult to follow without any real advance notice. I wish it were more beginner friendly. How are we supposed to know what a "grapevine" is until after she does it and then you're already behind. This video made it super easy to get discouraged…

  5. I really enjoyed it, it is dynamic. There is no endless repetition that usually kills my interest in a workout video. Also, the shifts in intensity make you feel like you have achieved somehing because you start sweating fast.
    List of songs??

  6. Lasted about 2 minutes into this before realising I had mist about 4 exercises while still trying to catch up on the previous exercise. Great moves but too fast for someone who is not a dancer

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