1. Thank-you Heather. I've been working from home because of the Covid pandemic and as my gym is closed as are all of them, your workouts were referred to me by a friend. They are great and there are so many variations I can't imagine getting bored. I did this particular one today followed by your 13 min. ab/core workout. Great stuff! Along with the great workout with this cardio video I really liked that you were talking on this one. Seemed to motivate me more. If you have a sequence of the talking ones please refer me to where they are if you can. Thx again.

  2. Awesome workout and terrific burn! Although, I enjoy your workouts with music, it was nice to do one with you talking. It makes me feel like I have a workout partner in the room.

  3. I love your workouts Heather. I do a cardio one followed by standing abs, 100 squats and arm workout. I am 65 so it shows that age is not a barrier to keeping fit. I love the way you don't waste time, you just get on with it, no nonsense and because you are not irritating at all I can do them over and over. Thank you xx

  4. Yay! I did a quick 5 mins warm up run from my son's school to home. Then, I did my 7 mins full body workout twice(13 exercises) and day 8 of your program. Done 1/2 of my workout plan.
    Now, I'm on my 3 sessions of yoga. Then, I'm DONE for today!!!!

  5. I accidentally came across one of your videos and I've been following this program every day ever since. I absolutely love working out with you first thing in the morning. I've had experiences where I dread a particular workout but I really do look forward to these. I really like how down to earth you are.

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