1. Leslie Sansone is, hands down, the very best fitness instructor there is. She's bright, encouraging, effective, and she always has people working at different fitness levels, and even modifying for beginners or the less fit! I've used her workouts for literally years. I love this one. <3

  2. I had a funny experience: I was already at a healthy weight & I started these workouts simply to remain active during the lockdown. It's been a few weeks now and I realize my waist has become so shapely and tummy flater than before 🤣😂 the funny thing is I wasn't even trying to achieve these things ha ha.

    Thank you so much, Leslie! I'm getting a lot more out of these workouts than I expected to initially!

  3. Doing this great workout with my sister ,she is in Dublin, me in Canada ,we set our time together and always have a great time !!! This is the best way to keep in touch and do something FUN together:) THANK YOU so much for your classes !!!!❤

  4. Thanks dear Leslie. Earlier I tried all types of workouts n food diet nothing worked. But my friend suggested me this workout videos to follow. N I did the same. It's just miracle. I lost 5 Kg during 1 month of lock down. Thanks dear Leslie u r my inspiration

  5. Excellent workout for a senior too! Just what I was looking for to keep moving. My gym is closed😩. But I can do this 3 or more times per week. Hurray endorphins!

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