1. I'm on my 6th day and felt unmotivated to work out today. I looked up a motivational speech and finished this workout. Now I feel super accomplished and pumped!

  2. I just love your energy. I have been intermittently following your exercises but have been following you for at least 4 years. Your energy is so refreshing….along with your quotes when I am just ready to vomit. Hahhahaha! "ELIXIR OF LIFE!"

  3. This is one of the best glute workouts out there. I did it for 5 days straight, lost half an inch on my butt (something I have been struggling with for the last 3 months). Great job Cassey!

  4. I tried this two weeks ago and gave up after 3 days (not even in a row). I decided to push myself and seriously do it everyday. I'm on Day 3 (no skipped days this time) and actually finished with no breaks. If I want to see a change I got to make the change! Thanks Cassey!

  5. Hi Cassey: Today I woke up feeling bad. Feeling super pissed. However, I decided to do my workout with you and thank God I did it because I could push through that emotional pain and I finished the workout. Love you!

  6. I feel this has the best music out of all the challenges!! Doing this video today because it makes my legs look SO GOOD and I feel strong!

  7. Can someone tell me why I thought we were only doing ONE set? After the first set, I was like…pffft, I can do this, it's so easy! UNTIL…she said…2 more sets to go…

  8. On my second day of this glute challenge and it’s amazing!! After doing the Ab challenge which is also amazing! I’m getting stronger! Love it!! Thank you so much! Your incredible!😁🙌👌👏❤️

  9. Hi cassey! Love all your workouts! May I just clarify with you on some movements. I’ve been experiencing muscle aches on the lower back for all the single leg movements rather than the ham string of the leg that’s in the air. Am I using the wrong muscle?

  10. These types of challenging workouts always make feel like I'm dying, but in a good way?. I mean they really challenge me and make me focus which is kinda similar of how I felt when I used to do running before quarantine. I'm not doing the full 7 day challenge but I'm mixing them through the week. Anyway THANK YOU CASSEY!

  11. great motivation for keeping your leg up: have a dog that sits on your mat under your leg while doing the exercises, you won’t be able to stop without kicking your dog
    (edit: you know what nevermind this doesn’t really work while doing the plank to squats loll)

  12. I did this and 20 mins thighs….a total sweat fest first thing in the morning but not bad once binge watching some thing on Netflix. Now on to do 20 mins abs. 🥳

  13. Hey cassey…I did this workout ….it was amazing!! But I was completely exhausted by round 2 and had to take a gap in between before doing round three.. what should I do to improve.

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