1. Hope you guys enjoyed this killer routine 🔥 Don’t forget to check out the description for extra videos to pair with this one! See you guys tomorrow ❤️ – Maddie

  2. I’ve never hated someone so much, you’re a great coach and I’ve been doing chloes but this video was more intense than hers. I couldn’t keep up exactly like you. Great job.

  3. Great ab workout – did this after a run and i really felt the burn – real good – for those that keep asking to make it more challenging – you can add planks to pushups to spice it up a bit – other than that, great ab workout video – two thumbs up.

  4. When I do the side to side crunches, I always feel the strain in my neck, and with all the other excercises that require the shoulder blades to be off the floor. I try to put the focus on my abs, but the strain keeps on appearing in my neck. Is there any way to focus on my core instead of my neck?

  5. this workout was way too easy I didn’t break a sweat at all, I skipped over breaks and it was still very easy I litterally sweat more when I sleep I expected more from a 20 min workout

  6. My tank reads "I'm not swearing, those are my workout words!" My daughter says it fits this workout perfectly!!! Pairing up MadFit longer routines with a quick song on either end of it – totally works!!!

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