1. it sound exciting when i hear the girl (voice) keep on counting . well i tried to do the push up out off my energy, but i finished it when i reach 8 . lol , i might be slower than you guys , but surely we gonna make it . keep going guys !

  2. Sir Keep Trainer, did something gone wrong? Cause the man in video had a clean face in the stretch part. I didnt saw any blue eye and a nose bleeding, like I got!?

  3. thanks just started it's tough but doable so I guess it's what I was looking for. Any guidance on how many times a week for how long?

  4. I feel disappointed because I am 171 lb and I was dead after this workout. I can do only 15 to 20 pushups in a row and my endurance isn't very good. Does anyone know how can I increase my reps to about 50 to 70?

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