1. The good thing about the Corona Virus is we have to stay at home so….HASfit is a great workout routine.  Me being  59….you really don't have a good excuse to not do SOMETHING.

  2. Thank you, this is so great! With this quarantine, it's just too hard to do a yoga class without heat but your workouts are making me very happy. love the variety and clear instruction.

  3. Hello Hasfit! I love your videos so much and I’d like to ask if you could make CD for your workout program then I could buy it. I’d love a program for everything and a recommended schedule so that I can follow every day:)! Thank you so much

  4. I’m going to England next year for my birthday..I created a workout calendar, I added this video on my 12 weeks on my plan, this coming Monday I’ll start everything.. will do the same for 2021🙏🏻,..My sister is getting married..there is another video of yours that I added to my calendar 💪🏻, I might post my results on your official page on fb, love your motivation😊

  5. Fabulous work out, I’ve tried several but this is the best one so far, and if you want you can do it the same exercises as the men. Really loved this so I’ve now subscribed 👍🏿

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