1. Wow Wee…this is the HASfit for me. This workout is not like any I've ever done after exercising off and on for 40 or more years. You both are a great team. It's such a help to have the time displayed. Not many offer that little helpful display. Also, your choice of exercise wear and conduct between you is sincere and upstanding. Thank YOU!

  2. Once again, Coach and Claudia deliver with a good one. A perfect team that covers all the bases. I always look forward to your workouts you two!

  3. Such a great workout! I've been working out with you since August (6 days/week) and I never came across this work out. I love it! Thank you, Coach, for your all the time you invest in putting these great workouts and programs together. I love what you do and what you say during a workout to inspire me to keep going. Hasfit is by far THE BEST and I wish you continued success.

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