1. First time working out with you coach and it was AMAZING! I've been focusing on my boxing as of late but now beginning to incorporate Muay Thai. This workout was perfect for my conditioning as well as using Muay Thai movements. Can't wait for more!! Much respect!!

  2. Guess I will be enjoying the YouTube videos since the memberships are currently closed 😉 so extra thanks for sharing on here!

  3. My own workout has gotten super stale, so this is a great addition, esp during quarantine! Cheers for this, though my muscles are cursing you out. 😂

  4. Thanks a lot for this. I have been on Codeine and Xanax for last 3-weeks of Quarantine. Started my regular Shadow-Boxing from yesterday. Can't wait to hit up this workout at my terrace. Love from INDIA.

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  6. I ran 5 miles a day Monday to Sat come home shower then go to work 8 hours go to dinner 2 hours later go to gung-fu studio train 4 hours I fought twice a montr ten years no losses. learn JKD Chinese gung-fu and escrima from well known teachers. on my Sundays I ran ten miles shower go to church relax. help with my second wind to last ten rounds. This 18 minutes you should be ashamed of yourself to call yourself a fighter, you wouldn't last with a calibar like me. minutes

  7. you need to work on your second wind try running, also your kicks look weak and no power. In this workout you are breathing hard, you shouldn't if you claim as a fighter

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