1. Such a killer workout!! In week 2 of trying to be active again, and definitely trying to be able to complete the entire workout nonstop by the end of quarantine! haha

  2. Good day! I've lost 13 pounds (6.5 kgs) after 3 weeks doing this exercise everyday without changing my diet! Thanks so much (*big hug*). A little advice: always land on your toes when jumping to avoid feet injury.

  3. These girls are just amazing what a workout! No time wasted your in and out before you know it and burned serious calories thanks so much love you

  4. I found this workout quite dangerous, as it only includes walk-downs and not everyone has floors suitable for that… also, it doesn't include any warm-up or cool-down…

  5. This is a fun workout, thank you!! But just a word of caution for everyone — warmup and cool down are important parts of intense exercises like this… my lower back muscles hurt pretty badly the next day after the burpees in this exercise😬

  6. UPDATE! I lost weight 7 pounds (3.5 kg) in a week! Just by trying this workout everyday (sometimes with another HIIT by EVA of same studio), and eat 600-1000 cals a day. Thank you!!! Im very confident to lose at least 24 pounds or 12 kgs in one month!!! I will give my weekly update IA….

  7. I love you, girls 🙂 but I think this one is too intensive without any warm-up! It should be a short warm-up, to speed up your pulse slower. After 10 minutes of this I had to stop it and felt like vomiting till the end of the day, and my condition is not that bad. Anyway, I love your videos, it's just a lesson for me (and maybe for you) to do a warm-up before 😉

  8. Chicas, yo pensaba que ya era un dura entrenando hasta que las conocí e hice esta rutina😂😂😂 thanks you!!! Y siii, habemos gente latina que las ve! I LOVEEEEEEEE!!!❤❤❤

  9. im cardioholic now! i do twice a day morning and evening during this fasting month! hope after one month can surprise my future husband with my rocky body like these two pinky ladies! i love pink as well heehe…thanks!!!!

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