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  2. 재밌으면서도 루틴이 복잡하지 않고 흥나는 댄스 루틴 찾는게 굉장히 어려웠었는데 감사합니다!

  3. I wanted to thank you for this workout. It's fun and you make it easy to follow! A beginner like me gets easily discouraged when the dance moves are too difficult and not shown what the next move is. So.. Thanks! You my weight loss start fun!!

  4. 二曲目がゲロってゲロってゲロってゲロってゲ〜ロ〜♪にしか聞こえんくてしんどかったです🙄そしてめちゃくちゃ楽しく踊れました😉

  5. Really enjoy dancing to your moves.. Have reduced a lot… Thanks for bringing such amazing dance steps.. Keep uploading.. Thanks to you now am looking more fit 😇

  6. currently trying dif types of doable sports for me after knee surgery. and i just found this channel! workouts here make me sweat but re-experience the happiness of exercising after years of injury!! and it's not so challenging for me who haven't been able to do sports for a long time. maybe i should try these in real class when i do my grad school in Lorea in the future

  7. 안녕하세요 선생님 저는 타국에서 공부하고있는 곧30살되어가는…학생입니다 ☺️ 가족도 한국인친구들도없이 요즘 우울감에 빠져있었는데 다이어트할겸 선생님 유튜브를 우연히 알게되어서 어제부터 tv에 유튜브 연결시켜놓고 어제 처음으로 영상보면서 춤을췄어요(두시간가량) 처음춰보는 춤이라 동작도 제대로 다 따라하지도못하지만 선생님의 춤을사랑하는 열정을 느끼며,기합소리들으면서 어제 모처럼 땀흘리면서 재미있게 운동했어요
    운동에대해 흥미를 못느끼고있어서 잘 따라하지않게되던데 선생님 영상은 정말 운동도하고 또 춤추면서 보여지는 선생님의 열정과 흥이 보는사람에게도 행복한 에너지가 전해지더라구요. 정말 감사합니다. 매일 아침 일어나서 최소 1시간씩 선생님 에너지 받고 하루하루 즐겁게 살아가겠습니당 ^_^ 좋은영상 너무나 감사합니다 ☺️❤️☺️

  8. It's sooooo goood. It was my first time and I couldn't save the temp and copy all movements but it doesn't matter because the most important thing: i tried to do it, i got tons of good mood. You're really sunny. Thank you

  9. Dia do trabalho trabalhando a forma!!!!! Aula gostosa!!!!!!! Bora galera malhar na quarentena!!!!! Meninas obrigada por mais uma aula top!!!!! 👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. I had no idea zumba was so fun! I know how I'll be getting my exercise minutes in the rest of quarantine now. Thanks for sharing Sunny!

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