1. Felt really good. My first ever home workout with dumbells. (Before I'd just done this kind of stuff with a gym trainer). After loads of HIIT and a bit of yoga mixed with sedentary living lately, due to CV quarantine, this strength workout felt really good on my muscles. Ironed out kinks in my lower back. Thank you Joe.

  2. After a major car accident I was unable to do much of anything. One day I came across your beginner workouts and realized that there is much I CAN do! I have shared your videos with my friends and with my clients in my newsletters. Truly something for everyone and I really appreciate you getting me back in the game!

  3. I need something pre beginner… but this looks like a good first goal workout to work toward… five or six years ago this would have been no problem for me… amazing how things have changed so fast. I will have to modify this.

  4. Didn't want to do something super heavy this morning and found this little video! Amazing! thanks! So good that you upload different videos for each level so I can keep it mixed :D!

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