1. I made it to about 9:30, and I even took a short pause after the second set of jumping jacks…like many here have shared, I am so much more out of shape than I thought I was.

  2. I love this video. I watch and follow this every day, followed by 30 minutes of rowing machine. I started with 79.6 and down to 69.2 in two months. Still need to go down to 65 to get 22 BMI.
    Thank you HealrhyGamer…

  3. Man, thank you for this. It’s the most real video I’ve seen that pushes and encourages you. No “buy my plan” bullshit. It’s simple, and makes me feel like I can make progress again.

  4. This is one of my work from home workouts. I am starting to get results, but "keep it up, that what she said" lol

  5. It’s weird how someone I’ve never met have had such a big impact on my life.
    Thanks to this I found a way to work out that felt manageable.
    If I feels like I can’t get through the workout I complain loudly and talk back to you, but I always submit and make it through.
    It sounds stupid, but it works.

    I feel so much better than I did before!!
    Seriously man I love you.
    Whatever you do now, hope you’re doing well!

    OSLO, Norway.

  6. This is the first abdominal workout that hasn't hurt my back, we'll up until the crunches. I can't seem to use my core for crunches, maybe it's too weak.
    Gonna try to stick to this though, thanks man

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