1. This is my go-to ab workout! I used to do this one every so often, but now that i'm trying to go back to the gym mon-wed-fri, this will be my tues-thurs! August Jamaica body, here I come!

  2. So simple sober n effective

    exercises n stretches

    I try to revoke pains in legs n

    arms @ your teaching which

    Pose I can do easily ,

    The difficult one I drop !

    White dress suits you so much !

    Hat's off to All Gymra Team !

    Stay Safe Smart n smiling !

  3. Omg the first time I did this and did NOT die. I love you so much for this. I ALWAYS STRUGGLED with this particular one and ofc I'm sweaty but I feel amazing!! ❤ Sweet kisses as alwas 💋💋💋

  4. It's a real fu**ing torture😭, i was crying during exercises but continued through till the end😢. Already half of the year with Rebecca, have incredible results and my abs look so good to compare what i had before, just have issue with lower abs, the fat is very stubborn there and doesn't want to leave my body. I am eating healthy, exercising for 1 year but lower fat it's still there🤬. Rebecca, help, how long need to lose lower fat and what i am doing wrong?

  5. I love how she does not break a sweat and keep talking through it I’m dieing and breathing like a fish on land and flopping around like one to……..IT MUST BE WORKING!😂❤️💝

  6. please, can you make without the music? music is louder than rebecca's voice so she actually is screaming. it's mentally exhausting. most of her workouts are with the music that is too loud that is louder than her own voice. otherwise her workout is great!

  7. You are seriously my favorite workout instructor on youtube! I actually like all the talking – it motivates me. Sometimes I even just put a video of urs on in the background while I do a different workout! X-D haha

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