1. I use it as my cool-down choice & it works great. Am going to follow it with my Yoga stretch and i’ll Congratulate myself for my gr8 work (and yours! Thank you Coach Kozak & Claudia!! So appreciative ~)

  2. Y'all are AWESOME, thank you so much for your content. I'm here post baby and all those "beginner" workouts are so unattainable right now, but you provide these awesome modifications. I am so happy I found your channel!!

  3. I am seriously out of shape, so this quiet low-impact workout was right up my alley! Can't believe I actually made it though the whole 15 minutes, Lol, thanks!

  4. I am just getting back to working out after a number of years. I am very overweight and I've watched many "beginner/low impact" work outs on YouTube. This is by far my favorite! This workout has left me sore in a good way, no painful joints afterward, and is just long enough where I'm able to go all out. Thank you!

  5. it just looks simple but it is in reality not it is a very good work out a very good cardio exercise for beginners I've been doing it from the past two three days and it is really very very good god bless you people you are amazing

  6. Thank you. This is the best beginner cardio workout for beginners that I've seen so far on Youtube. I also love that you're showing 2 versions of this workout.

  7. Great job guys. I am a longtime weightlifting gym rat who rides bikes and runs. But, as I am social Justin Singh right now because of this virus I decided to handle some aerobics and you guys have me hooked with only one quick workout. I'm combining this along with strength training with dumbbells I have and 5-gallon water jugs. Keep it up and you people out there keep it up to! All you need is a small room and your body weight and the information and you can have great Fitness at home, anywhere!

  8. You guys really helped me I started out with the low impact for the elderly Jan 2019(cause I was heavy an never worked out) but I'm actually doing the 35 min low impact cardio lost 87 lbs brought a1c from 14 to 5.4 so thanks you guys think your awesome! !!!!

  9. I love this video. I am recovering from severe anemia, so I get winded and am not as strong as I should be yet. This workout is giving me hope for a healthy recovery in cardio and strength. Thank you guys for creating workout for those of us who want to be fit/healthy but have had some health issues and are working our way back. Thank you guys so so so much.

  10. Love you guys. Great job. I worked up a good sweat. I missed my classes this week in Jazzercise and other exercise classes due to the holidays but will be visiting often.

  11. Today was my day off but was busy the whole day and I was little tired, but, just finished doing this workout and wwwuuuooooo, this was a short workout but my arms are like aaaaaaaah, I’m sweating, love this, thanks a lot guys‼️💪🏻🙏🏻💓

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