1. dang y’all go real fast. i have to takes breaks before y’all go to the next one. y’all should put a noise that helps us know that ur going to the next one bc i wasn’t looking at the screen for the ones we do on the floor

  2. This was a great workout guys! Love what you guys are doing! You have motivated me to get up and start working out! Thank you guys!

  3. ok i’m gonna do this for like 2 weeks along with an and thigh workouts.
    day 1- first day done and holy!! this was definitely a killer workout but i hope to see results by the end of the two weeks! but i honestly do recommend this workout.
    day 2-i was very sore from yesterday’s workout and i had to stop within 5 minutes. hopefully i will be better tomorrow
    day 3-
    day 4-
    day 5-
    day 6-
    day 7-
    day 8-
    day 9-
    day 10-
    day 11-
    day 12-
    day 13-
    day 14-

  4. I love these workouts I am sorry that I was not here for the first vid I am not a good spouter that but I love these I never find perfect workouts you jatie fam is the best can you reply and see if I should get a youtube channel?

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