1. Lol when coach hasfit road 'this is easy' on the on arm snatch. As if!!! By the end of this is was sweating and out of breath.

    Like the coach said 'its grinding time' 😁

    Fantastic exercise

  2. Thank you! Baby is sleeping and gotta pick up the older kid from school. It was either TV for 15 minutes or this workout. SO glad I chose this. Now I feel totally worked and I'll sleep better…plus I'll have more patience! So grateful.

  3. Your videos are great. So positive and supportive. I’ve been doing your 10 min workout for months. Feel I need to start mixing your routines together more regularly. Keep up the good work!

  4. Yayyy I just completed this and it was a good workout! Worked up a lil sweat and worked those muscles, thanks for posting!

  5. i'm so glad i found a channel that does workouts with two people because for some reason the ones targeted to just men or to just women are either too insane or too ridiculously easy. i subbed and i'll be back (hopefully) a few times a week 🙂 btw love that you one of you does the easier version because i'm a beginner at the moment

  6. If I want to do this workout everyday to stay fit instead of a long workout 3 times per week what would be a good schedule in terms of this workout and cardio.

  7. Just finished this workout and I love it! Especially loved that you guys show two ways of doing the exercises, a beginner and a more advanced… Gonna keep working out with you guys! 💪💪

  8. Great Video! This was my first time working out with you and it was great. Looking forward to being able to get that pushup/row movement down (pushups are not my friend, even modified).

  9. great workout for mornings when I oversleep and don't have time for a full workout, hits everything gets my breath going and good blood flow to my muscles thanks Coach Kozak and Claudia!

  10. Today I had little time to workout, so this 15 minute full body workout was the perfect choice. It was very challenging but, as always, I feel great after completing it!

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