1. .Wow! I just found website Next Level Diet and read their fitness tips and recipes. I can't wait to get my diet and training plan from that site and transform my body. Summer body, here I come!

  2. In order to gain more muscle, there are only two things to consider: training and a good diet. Thankfully, we have Next Level Diet that provides both training and diet plan. Try not to visit their website. Trust me, you can't.

  3. i love this video. with my weightloss journey that i attempted in the past my main issue with working out was finding something that challenged me an made me sweat while also not lasting so long that i got discouraged. With this video its helping me with my second attemp at a weightloss journey by being a quick 15 min but also being a fat burner an making me sweat. im doing this work out every evening an morning an the results are definatly showing after just a few short weeks!!! thank you hasfit

  4. Thank you for these amazing short workout sessions, they are life changing and everytime I feel, there's a lot of negative energy piling up inside me, I pick up these routines, and I feel the toxicity go out…after these sessions.

  5. I LOVE your workouts. I gotta say I almost quit this one but I pushed through and I’m so proud of myself. Right now I’m doing a 15 minute workout twice a day. Your really helping me get in shape.

  6. Thank you for this I weight 348 lbs been doing this for 2 weeks first couple day couldn't compete it. Now I can. Thank you very much you are changing life's

  7. I'm mixing this with stair sprints, arm and stability ball workouts for a total of 30-40 minutes 4 times a week! Has anyone had great results with this! It definitely kicks my butt!

  8. Is it okay if I don't get all the way through at the beginning? Or should I search for an easier routine for now? I am very unfit.

  9. Hey coach….can you make a video about exercise other than squats that would help me tone down my legs(especially thighs)….as squats lead to chafing of my pants and my jeans are soon worn out….btw loving the workout 👍👍

  10. Loving this workout, generally use a treadmill for daily exercise but it has died, although I felt sore after my first attempt I am motivated to continue daily 😊

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