1. HAPPY FRIDAY!! Hope you enjoy this super sweaty HIIT workout! Such a great way to head into the weekend 😍See you soon! – Maddie

  2. I finished the work out but I had to pause after every exercise because it was so exhausting. Who else had to pause after every exercise?? I also have to say it is a great work out to burn calories <3

  3. I'm easily over 100 pounds overweight and have already lost 20. I do your 10 minute warmup first, the 15 minute beginner ab workout, and then this and some other stuff. Whew!😅

  4. I can usually follow along with the more advanced routines without much difficulty, but this one KILLED me. My heart is pounding, I am dripping in sweat and I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work Maddie <3

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