1. Hope you guys enjoyed this one!! It’s definitely a new favourite of mine when I want to do something a little bit different! So intense and hits every part of the body 😍 let me know how you liked this one below! See you soon! Xx- Maddie

  2. I love all your workouts, especially your 20/30 minute full body’s!! ❤️🔥@madfit would love more of these types!! I’m not a dancer, but this workout is a whole different ball game!! Thank you for all your videos!!! Love love you 😍💪💋🔥

  3. oh my god, I haven't worked out consistently in so long and this was so hard! but def loved it, looking forward to the day I can execute it perfectly! missing my dance days so much 🙁

  4. I'm following Maddie since the end of 2018, such wonderful and diverse workouts all that time! This one becomes a favourte of mine too, although it is pretty intense! Thank you, Maddie, for your hard work and dedication! ❤️⭐️🌺

  5. This workout never felt so good ! Im swearing all over again which is so good. Really your workout has made differences in me. Ive successfully done alternate plank n high plank for 30 seconds. Previously i cant do any!

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