1. DANCE WITH ME! 💃 This video was honestly my favourite to create and film. I really hope you guys enjoyed it!! Again, a HUGE thank you for all your support. Can’t believe we are at 3M + subscribers in this community 🤯🥳

  2. On my sixth day of doing this workout i can finally say that i did the whole thing without taking breaks 😄 (still can’t breathe tho)

  3. I want to cry to see your body because I could never have mine like it since I know you must have worked so hard at the gym and taken a good attention on your diet. I want that abs so bad 😭😩. Please make a dance exercise just for abs.

  4. I liked you
    I have a bit of trouble at the beginning but… I liked a lot! thanks! And you looked very like Adora in her She-ra season five
    I danced thinking that you could be her in the real life

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