1. I’m in a recovery from acute flare up of colon. I was looking for an easy work out like this during recovery, so thank you! My body can only afford lighter movements so I modify this to make it easier.

  2. İ haaattee the holiday song and its the last 5 min soo unmotivated I really wish for a different song but great workout so proud you’re doing so well girl

  3. This is a perfect workout for a beginner like me it wasn’t impossible to carry on with but still gave me a good workout and I burnt off 100+ calories only in 15 minutes

  4. No doubt when previewing this workout it may look too easy. Pamela is so smart, arms constantly moving , and at or above chest level keeps heart rate up. It is harder than it appears. Sweating!!

  5. Momentanes lieblingsworkout😍besonders wegen der musik, da hat man einfach viel mehr bock, als bei normalen workouts😍 man merkt auch richtig wie gut du die musik abgestimmt hast (erst langsam dann schnell👌)
    bitte mehr davon❤️

  6. This workout has been getting me to workout regularly – thank you so much!! Just the right amount of time and sequence of movements to get my cardio in and workup a light sweat, while building a little bit of soreness in my muscles that I can recover from quickly <3
    And it's all standing up and fun dancing 🙂

  7. I loved this so much, I’m just getting back into some exercise and I used to do dance classes and this was a perfect combination of both, please do more of these ☺️

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