1. Thank you coach Kozak and Claudia – my husband and I are doing all your weights exercises during the corona lockdown in the South of England . More please your workouts are fun whilst we have turned our small sitting room into a gym – just for you two!

  2. I remember hearing these exact words 1 year ago! " change doesn't happen overnight, keep coming back, you WILL see and feel change." I've been trying to lose weight now for a full year, and I DO SEE AND FEEL IMMENSE CHANGE!! AN IMMENSELY BIG THANK U to my favourite coaches ! 🤘🤘🤘🤘♥️🇨🇦

  3. Been diving in tons of fitness channel on youtube. This couple is THE BEST so far. You guys are super conscientious and knowledgeable. The HASfit app is phenomenon also. Highly recommend to download it.
    Thank you for your hard work, guys <3

  4. Awesome workout, so positive and very manageable. After having a baby, getting motivated to workout again has been hard. So thankful for this page! God Bless you both and all HAS Fit tribe members!

  5. Just found your videos and what a find! 🏆 Thank you both for these high quality workout videos. Love your tips and cues- you obviously know your stuff! Thank you Claudia for being so grounded and awesome. I love that you dress modestly even though we all know you are fit and rocking it! That is rare in the fitness world. Most ladies are showing off everything they have and showing cleavage all over the screen. As a follower of Christ with a four year old daughter who loves to work out with me, I’m grateful to find a woman who is fit AND modest to work out with. Praying blessings over you all and your sweet family! Thanks again! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 We will definitely be sharing your videos!

  6. Merry Christmas you 2 and everyone on here!!!! Unfortunately I've been under the weather over the past 2 weeks, but I am feeling so much better now as we speak and was successfully able to do this here tonight on Christmas Eve. Thank you so much for making this video and once again Merry Christmas!!! 🙏👌👍❤💚💜💙💛😂😁😀😉☺

  7. Hi hasfit, I am your big fan coch Kozac and Claudia. I am doing your HASfit’s Foundation Beginner Workout Program, I am on 2nd day of 2nd week, I want to ask I am feeling little fever with cold, should I continue workout in fever or rest?

  8. I'm by no means a beginner when it comes to DB workouts, but I needed a short workout, so this did the trick with heavy weights! A great burner! Thank you!

  9. Is it normal for my knees to hurt during the last set for the first time doing this? Does that mean im doing it wrong or that im not used to it or have knee problems?

  10. Just finished 5 days of HASfit 15 minute beginner workout videos every morning. I am excited to start your foundation program tmrw!! These videos are great and very encouraging ^^

  11. This is my first week of beginners weight training, and I love everything that I am learning, do you have a meal plan to go along with the weight training?

  12. I recently found your website with a lot of workouts. But its been a while since i did any workout with weights, so im going to use these beginners workouts for a week or so before im going to follow one of your detailed workouts.

  13. My husband (60 yrs. old) and I (56 yrs. old) have just discovered you videos and we LOVE ❤️ your videos! Your very good at telling what and how to do the exercise, along with how to make it easier or more difficult. We look forward to many more workouts with you both! We are

  14. Great workout for beginners! First time doing one of your workouts and I will definitely be back every day to do it again and to eventually do others. I love how calm the two of you are and how you say it's ok if we aren't able to do it all just yet. Great motivation talk during the videos as well. Thank you for this!

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