1. DAY 29!! A super awesome lower body circuit 😍 I apologize for the lighting on this video and tomorrows (day 30). The outside conditions were not the greatest!! Much love and see you tomorrow! xx

  2. Currently doing a modified version of this for my pregnancy. It doesn't actually need too much modification, and it's WAY better than lots of the pregnancy workout videos. Currently 35.5 weeks pregnant and going strong thanks to workouts like this one. I'm not staying in bed with a back ache when i could be on my feet moving around.

  3. That 2nd excersise is jsut painful for someone who is 6'5 like me LOL. Way to stiff it just hurts. For me just walking or jogging, or steps is the best way to workout my legs without injury or felling like im dying. I should do some yogo probs

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