1. Kids at this age DO NOT need to worry about their weight!!! They are perfectly fine just the way they are. It’s different when choosing a HEALTHIER pathway with food and activity ,but when you put a 12 year old on a treadmill…girl no. You are beautiful in every way girl!! Be proud of yourself!!

  2. I am trying to get skinny but keep eating i Am proud of you but I want to lose weight but always worry about will I lose all my weight cause Ikeep eating and want to be really skinny

  3. I’m reading so many posts from tween and young teens feeling bad about their weight. What century are we in? I thought there was progress in this world but it looks like not much is changing. (Look at the unrest in light of Mr. Floyd’s murder.)

    I’m 35 and I will send this message to the younger generation: don’t look at the number on the scale or the size of clothing. If you honestly do not feel healthful, and want to feel good on the inside and (in turn look good on) the outside, eat healthy. Eat the sugary, salty, and fatty foods in moderation (still gotta live!). Drink healthy drinks (low sugar and water). And have an active lifestyle. Not necessarily working out, unless it is needed to jump start a drastic change that is beneficial in the long term. For example, making more healthful choices – and therefore having weight loss and a slimmer physique as a result- will just make for a better quality of life as you go through puberty and through your adult life and ultimately your elderly years. What is the point of longevity if the quality of our health and lifestyle will be poor?

    Also, you’re only a kid once. Don’t worry about the weight. Enjoy your youth and always make healthy choices. Find love for yourself by loving others and being charitable.

  4. Hey kiddo you are awesome and keep up the great work! You have no idea how much of a motivation you are to many people out there trying to achieve the same goal. Trust me, it is soooo hard for ADULTS to make the right decisions. And watching this makes THIS ADULT feel more than empowered! You’re a true hero!!

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