1. I'm doing last year's summer sculpt right now, but because I do live in an apartment, I will probably do this (x2) for Sundays. Oh boy…

  2. Was wearing a body suit today and before showering decided to throw in this awesome 12minute workout – so the comment about the 80’s attire really hit home 😂
    Thanks for making us laugh while also kicking our ass! (In a good way) it’s getting me through this quarantine!

  3. Been a popster since 2014! I always love your videos, you’re awesome and so encouraging ❤️ did this one today thinking oh “low impact” shouldn’t be too difficult but I was still sweating lol love it. thank you!

  4. I really like this cardio… We have a small child and are exercising in the morning, while he is sleeping. No jumping and a clock for the exercises help us do them really quietly and with low volume. I also appreciate that there are no balancing cardio exercises, as they always "slow me down" and do not help my burn much. This and the wedding cardio are really perfect. Thank you so much.

  5. i love u so much Cassey i just found out I got an undesired grade for my report and decided to exercise the sadness away. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW THANK YOU <3

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