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  2. this is bullshit, this is not for beginners, I could not do second one at all because to even get into the position was so damn impossible for beginner.

  3. Her: grabs ankles to enhance stretch Me: grabs my calf to see if I can go any further than realizes I haven’t. Also on the second stretch is it just me or was anyone just sitting there with their legs out because they couldn’t do more 😭?

  4. Instructions unclear, now my knees are missing

    Jokes aside, I really hope this will works because when quarantine is over, I'm gonna flex at my friends 👀😳

  5. i’m wayyyyy more flexible on my left side so i was surprised to hear you say it’s not as common! i didn’t know that! i can almost do a full split on my left side but i’m nowhere near with my right. i’m not sure why!

  6. I'm on my third month of doing this every day. Still no where close but I like looking at my "before" picture to see the difference, glad I took one as its the only thing keeping me going lol

  7. I'm gonna log every day until I get a full split
    1st day: The first time I did it, I was very stiff and found it hard to do the easier versions of the stretch. The second time I did it, it felt a lot better. I was able to go deeper in the stretch.
    2nd day: Only did it once because I forgot to do it earlier. But I was able to see minor improvements. Definitely gonna make up for the time I missed tomorrow.
    3rd day: Did it once this morning. My legs are always really tight in the morning, making it hard for me to get deep in the stretch. Did some yoga throughout the day which helped. Also some more stretch videos. Did it once at night and seen minor improvements.
    4th day: Just finished. Planning on doing this video every morning and night. This morning was hard. Legs were feeling the stretch for sure. Getting closer to the split though which is what matters most to me.
    5th day: Just finished stretching this morning. Obviously very painful but felt good. My right split is getting lower and lower every day which is motivating me a lot. Already see a lot of progress. Did it again at night. I can see myself getting lower by a cm a day.
    6th day: I just finished the stretch. I'm definitely at least 2 inches lower than when I started, maybe even more. This routine is definitely working. 2nd time I did it, it felt really good. My flexibility is improving a lot.
    7th day: Finally hit a week. I just finished this morning. I don't think I got any lower from the last time I did it. I think progress might slow down from here. But that won't stop me.
    8th day: Finished today. Getting closer to that split but not there yet. Don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Hurts while I'm stretching but I feel great after.
    9th day: Still very painful. Don't think I'm getting any closer but I'm able to do the modified versions with no problem.
    I'll keep you updated.

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