1. I have been watching and following this vid every other day, Please tell me how long do I have to follow it to gain the toned abs and arms. haha regards, abie

  2. Can you get abs like good ones and triceps and biceps that look amazing if you keep doing this for a long time can anyone please tell me because that’s my goal

  3. I really love that you remind us about our personal goals. When the going gets rough it's nice to remember why we're torturing ourselves in the first place. 😁

  4. I know I'm only 12 and all but I'm getting in shape for summer and this helps a lot. And I'm also getting ready for football season. Thank you so much!

  5. You're an evil coach. 😉

    This routine made me work hard, I need to downsize my dumbell weights, my wrists were struggling with the reverse dumbbell curl.

    I love what you're doing Cozak, thank you for taking your time to develop the course and make the workout videos. I appreciate what you do.

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