1. MADDIE YOU'RE PSYCHIC!!! i just got my resistance bands the other day and i immediately did your older resistance band arm workout. and now i have this to add to my routine next!! you're a godsend

  2. Great video Maddie! I love these resistance band workouts for the arms. They are awesome and thank you for all your hard work! I think your videos are keeping people fit during these times. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey Maddie! I love all of your videos including this one! I was just wondering if you will be making any more lifestyle videos (like pre/post workout meals) anytime soon? I really miss those kinds of videos as I love it when you talk more and show your personality! Sending love and light to you! 😇💞

  4. Can anyone recommend a good brand of resistant bands? I've never used them before. I ordered some fabric ones as I read the latex rolled and 10 minutes after receiving them I pulled it to see how strong it was, and it fell apart, the stitching was faulty. It's put me off buying anymore, but I really want to use them

  5. I just figured out what I need: a 5 or 6 part video series that starts with super beginner workouts and each workout gradually increases in difficulty/intensity with each new video..!! It'd be cool to follow that series as it comes out.

  6. Could anyone tell me if it would be possible doing this workout using weights instead? I don't own resistance bands but I like these type of arm exercises, though. Would the intensity and the effects be similar?

  7. Can I request a video with workouts (low impact) or stretches that can help your flexibility or a video focusing on your 'mind to muscle connection' I feel that would also be great!

  8. Please please please do an isolated chest workout with dumbbells!! I'm trying to lose fat and salvage my boobs at the same time ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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