1. "Learning to love the burn"! Not even sure how my love handles got there as I workout regularly but be darned if they didn't show up as a muffin top. Haha.Great workout for to get em under control. Thanks Coach and Claudia. 🙂

  2. 1st exercise-
    Me: Ok, this doesn't look too bad. I'll take my 4kg weight and-
    Wrists: NO
    Me: So… no weights? I'll just do it without any the-
    Wrists: * Aggressively scream for help *
    Me: Ok then.

    All jokes aside, this was a great workout. My wrists did not enjoy it as much as I hoped they would but my obliques are on fire! Thanks for making this!

  3. How do I make it so that my neck doesn't hurt? Cuz after doing this my shoulder and neck were sore so I think I might've been doing something wrong… pls help😫

  4. thank you guys! Your videos are so motivating! Each time when I think I can't keep it up, you are telling me to focus on what brought me here, which really helps me through it!
    Already done some of your workouts, but I'm missing one for my upper arms. Those and my love handles are the only things I can't hide under that bridal dress I will wear in 5 1/2 weeks 😀
    thanks again!

  5. Thank you guys for the incredible workouts!
    I really needed this video,and i'm glad to say that i'm already seeing the results.
    i'm also doing the ab challenge followed by the spartan workout.
    Not gonna lie, burn soo good,never gonna give up and thank you guys for motivating me!

  6. daamn hasfit,i've been in this program for about 5 months and i'm feeling bettee than ever. Your workouts and motivations have helped me a lot. I'm already seeing the results and they are amazing. Thank you so much

  7. OH MY GOSH LOL this workout killed me! Loved it though. I love how Claudia's hair is all messed up at the end lol I look the same. So many workout videos show the women looking like they didn't even workout lol their hair is in place and look perfect but Claudia is keeping it real! Love it!

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