1. Hey everyone ♥︎ If you're not a Beginner anymore, but the other Ab videos are still a tiny bit too hard for you. This workout is for you! It's a "Medium Level" – so something right in between 🙂 

    I will publish new Free Home Workout Plans for next week on my Instagram later! 
    They will also be saved in my Highlight section. 
    Instagram: pamela_rf

  2. Hi , first of all I love your workouts very professional. Can you please tell me how much workouts for abs is best to not over do it and achieve great results? Thank you xx

  3. i have a quick question.. when i do the high plank should i squint my stomach together so that i feel it tighten in my abs? or should i hold it straight?

  4. maybe this is a stupid question but I prefer asking than let myself with the question in my mind and I hope someone can answer me 🙁 with this workout could I get six pack?

  5. I’ve been doing this workout for about a week now and as soon as the on my mind music comes I’m sweaty as hell but straight up vibin’ thanks Pamela I love your workouts and to anyone reading this you can pull through

  6. Side planks: I recommend for all those who evade them, rather try to alternate sides or make a little pause (10s). I find that Pam makes it harder since she does 3 exercises one after the other with no pause. Most of we may complain of arm pain instead of abs pain 😅

  7. I've been doing this for a month. Approximately 37 days! And i can see a lot of good result in my body. At first it's killing me. But day by day doing this i find myself addicted to it. I did 2 exercise of pamela reif one is for abs for the begginer 10mis. And this 12 mins. I do this 3x a day so that was a total of 66 mins!., its also for my breakup process 😔 it helps a lot. Thank u pamela❤️❤️❤️

  8. Immer wenn des letzte Lied kommt denk ich an unsere Saufabende zurück mit meinen Friends haha und des motiviert mich noch viiel mehr! Ich würde mich sooo freuen wenn du man ein Dance Workout machst, mit so Party Liedern, bei denen man so richtig abgehen kann haha dann würd vllt sogar mein bruder mitmachen haha war voll cool!!

  9. 6 videos a day:
    •10 min sixpack workout (2x)
    •10 min ab workout (2x)
    •10 min beginner ab workout
    •12 min ab workout – medium level

    About me:
    age: 16
    height: 1,59m
    weight: 44kg

    Day 1: ✅
    weight in the morning: 43,8kg
    In the beginning everything was ok. In the end it was very tough. But I'm motivated to keep going!
    After the workout: 43,3kg

    Day 2: ✅
    weight in the morning: 43,5kg
    The workout was still hard. My abs are slowly becoming more visible.
    After the workout: 43,3kg

    Day 3: ✅
    weight in the morning and after the workout: 43kg
    The workout was still super hard. But it's a lot of fun and you feel better afterwards. Before I started, I always had a bloated stomach in the evening. That has now improved.

    Day 4: ✅
    weight in the morning: 43,4kg
    I don't think I have to say that the workout was still super exhausting.
    But I have the feeling that my waist has also become a bit narrower.
    weight after the workout: 43,2kg

    Day 5: ✅
    weight in the morning: 43,4kg
    Today I was super unmotivated. I wanted to cancel the workout. Still, I somehow managed to pull it off.
    weight after the workout: 43,3kg

    I always try to update.

  10. Sad, I have been practicing for more than a week but I haven't seen any change in my abs. Try to practice for another week and another week….

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