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  3. Okinawan's also get lots of healthy Omega3 fatty acids from fish and seafood, do lots of walking and meditation to combat stress. They eat less sweets and rarely any processed foods so they can handle all those carbs.

  4. Hi Jo,

    How are you doing. I have so enjoyed your videos seen so far. Informative and easy to follow.

    Yes a BF can't make you happy, as you've already shared that we need to be comfortable with who we are and we need to find out what our purpose is. Be encouraged that God's word says that it's not good for man to live alone and that includes you ladies…..

    You are a Godsend in these unprecendented Times of Uncertainty. I am an ex soldier who survived a horrific crash back in 2000. However I sustained a traumatic brain injury and know in my heart that God has kept me for such a time as this, to encourage you Joanna that only the Word of God can and will deliver us from whatever we are facing.

    I now get to inspire via https://mymarathonalexlaing.com/

    To hear what God has to say I encourage you to take a glimpse at https://www.facebook.com/faithdimensionsministriesmk/

    Proof that God will never leave you nor for sake us, is that fact that we all have Gut feelings about things. How do you explain that. How about it is the Spirit of God giving us foresight into the future to help us because He Loves us.

  5. Honey you’re wrong.
    All carbs turn to sugar. Sugar triggers insulin. Insulin stops fat burning and creates fat storage.
    And…oh yeah… people don’t need fiber.

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