1. Brilliant,thanks for this,Doc says i need to do more core stuff as all i do is cycle and walk.Been doing this and it's been really hard but shows you how un-fit i was!

  2. Looks great! 😀 Definitely going to try these! 🙂 Love all your video's! I have a small tip: it's better to do the exercises in even numbers 🙂 14 or 16 or even 30 as you like. It's so the muscles are equaly trained on both sides of the body (tip from sportstherapist class this year ;)).

  3. ho chloe i am penelope i am in my dads compute and i hafe to sey youre video works i love it  and i think you sould do youre night time routin next.Oh and i want to now were you cut youre hair because i think its owesom

  4. AWESOME!!! Definitely will try and make this a part of my daily routine until your next video if youdecide to make another one….by the way adding things to what you already do is a GOOD thing because you are sprucing things up especially with MANY people trying to work on getting fit and in good weight range 🙂 You definitely should do more videos

  5. Hey I definitely like your channel over most guru's .u don't blend in with them lol in a good way. BUT I stopped watching you because idk I felt your channel was a A TYPICAL beauty guru channel. I AM NOT HATING OR BEING rude. I hope my honesty opinion is excepted.
    Your awesome. .and when I saw this video I actually took the time to watch it and LOVED it.
    One you did it at beginner level. So everyone can RELATE to you. To be honest thr way you did the whole video was fantastic. .
    I am on a fitness journey since Feb 8 2014 I as of now lost 55 pounds. AND it is a FITNESS journey. I joined a gym FOR THE FIRST time ever. 5 to 7 day's a week. ON MY OWN NO TRAINER.
    it has helped me in so many ways.
    I honestly don't understand why the guru's don't change their videos. I mean we the fans make this possible right?? I have seen so many fans pretty much beg for different kinds of videos over and over. EVEN ask for different product reviews. .BUT thr guru's don't listen and change them. I AM NOT saying you. So you know I am asking anyone who can tell me.
    Really is urban decay the ONLY eye shadow out there? The guru's ONLY do certain products.
    I'm a single working gal on a budget and honestly I CANT RELATE TO NOT ONE GURUS ANY MORE …
    so again it was nice to see something a bit different in my news feed.
    Yes alot of them do the fitness but yours was the best.
    Idk. .If I was not 30 and if felt pretty enough I would so make my own channel. Seriously I don't even care if I am on camera. Omg I would for free direct a guru Lol.
    It's sad guys isn't it??
    Anyway do more like these but honestly every EVERY guru says that and they don't switch up. Like every guru once in awhile will say that. Is that the insta thing to do.
    OK . Please please please please don't get mad. BUT the reference to your hair. .In your description box came off in a Not good way.
    I am sure you did NOT mean it too.
    My little girl watches you and even when she read it.idk.. Some girls ARE NOT born with thick hair and a good diet won't fix it. You naturally have thick hair. Idk I shut up lol hugs

  6. acutally i had an accident and my back become really weak i try to work out but it's already hurt me 🙁 so i think your moves is pretty simple i'll try it and i hope i can do it thank you very much <3<3 

  7. Awesome that you did a pilates video! Just one improvement that could be made: have more energetic music. After watching Cassey Ho for a couple of years, she won't take all song requests if the music is too slow. Try some more upbeat music next time! Loved the workout!

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