1. I love your video. And I know it`s beginner, and I am one, but I feel that is killing me. During the exercises at second Phase at Back lunge, my fitbit yelled a 166 pulse. I am 58 kg, 163 m tall – I am not fat, but my muscles are toothpaste – And I just, it`s such a difficult exercise for me, but I like it – I want to get in a much better shape, cuz If i keep at what I am right now, (27 years old) , in 10 years I will be so sick .. Believe me, I am watching your video daily and trying it daily (next 365 views are just from me ) xD

  2. Hi LA! I've been doing your workouts for a month, but today I did this one and my knees hurt at the end of it. You said that if they hurt, then it's because you're bending your knees in, so I really focused on that and tried not to. Could that be because I'm not used to working out that much? How could I stretch the knees or calm them? Hope you (or anybody here) could answer me 🙂 Thank you! Love from Argentina.

  3. I found out today that I am 161 pounds and overweight for a 13 year old. So I am really hoping your account can help me with losing weight and having good posture because I an a violin player and I need to have perfect posture. Could your account help me?

  4. Video request: Could you please do a leg strengthening workout. I'm having some knee pain and doctor said I should do some leg strengthening. Thank you. Love your videos very helpful. Have a nice day.

  5. Hi, I have a question with a problem, I started going to the gym and told the trainer that I didn't want bigger thighs, I'm latina so is genetic already, but my thighs got bigger and now my pants don't fit anymore and I'm so bummed, This routine can help me to reduce them? Or there is a another one that could help me? Thank you!! Newbie here btw..😊

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! I really appreciate it along with your encouragement and explanations. It was very clear and easy to follow. I will be doing this every day 🙂

  7. Hi! Can you please post more beginners workout. I love how you don’t make it seem complex. I am in my mid 30s and doesn’t work out at all. I used to be an athlete back in HS and I can tell my body definitely feels weak and way different especially after having 2 kids. I am skinny and always have been but I want to be toned up and feel fit. Hope you come up with more beginner workouts soon! Much love ❤️

  8. hi LA! love this video! Might be an odd question, but I'm pretty new to this — what do you mean by "engaging your core"? Just want to make sure I do these workouts right!

  9. Hi, love your videos so far! Can you recommend any exercises to mimic what a hip abductor machine would provide? My gym does not have that machine and I am having a hard time targeting my inner and outer thigh muscles. Thanks!

  10. i have fibromyalgia and haven't been able to really work out or do any sport for years now, which pisses me off because i'm turning into some kind of butter-person…
    so THANK YOU for this!! because this i can follow, and hell i fell it (and it feels good)!! sure i'm gonna hate you tomorrow <3

  11. After months of following you on instagram and not doing any of the excerises, i finally did them!!! You pushed me to finally do something and move my body. Thank you for that 🥰 Can’t wait for the next videos!

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