1. I suffer from low back pain because of reumatoid arthritis. Can I make these excercises without suffer my back? Or I can only make the first one that is up and down the stepper? New making excersises. Thanks.

  2. I have ordered a stair stepper that looks similar to what’s i this video. I’m finally get back my desire to try and help myself feel better. 2019 was the worst year of my life and I want to get it out of my thoughts. I want to move forward and feel better. Thank you for doing these.

  3. ok good, this is perfect for me. how often do i do this a day? cause im like real heavy and im trying to get back into doing more advanced stuff too

  4. I have so many issues with my joints, much too many to list on here. However due to steroids I have weight gain. I brought a step and you are the very first video that I have tried … and I do not need to look elsewhere! Thank you I will be building on this workout, thank you for sharing xx

  5. I'm so happy you made this video! This truly is for beginners. I thought 10 mins what can happen in 10 mins – well I'm sweating and winded and inspired. Thank you so much!

  6. I love the pace. I don’t like the fast and dancing step aerobics. I have severe asthma so I must keep my breathing controlled. This step aerobics fitness works perfect for me. Thank you.

  7. you again:)))) I type in the exercise I want & there you are- I think we have worked out together 3x this week) !!! 🙂 I decided to preview some step for my classes;)_ you are great- always:))) will be sharing this on FB @Ashford Fitness Society xo

  8. So happy to do this workout because it is very well taught and easy for me to follow! Please, please do longer ones like this, with such good instruction! I often get lost in other step workouts because the instructor doesn't teach what she or he is going to do and you are expected to jump right in.

  9. Step workouts are my favorite for cardio! Thank you so much 🙂 Can you make a 20 minute low impact intermediate step workout at some point? Love all of your workouts!!!

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