1. So loving it all you are My go to each morning now from the stretching and then a workout and a cool down I love your attitude and outlook you make everyone feel valued and beautiful xx thanks

  2. I really enjoyed this and will add it to my daily quarantine routine. I’m 52 with a bad knee and this was awesome except for the frog exercise at the end which made my knee crack. LOVE the crossover, really felt it in my thighs! Thanks so much and you look healthy and gorgeous.

  3. For somebody who absolutely hates exercising I have become addicted to your workout videos! They're challenging yet completely doable, fun and I feel so good afterwards without feeling like my body is dying. I have started doing these exercises everyday and so look forward to each workout. Thankyou Shellea. Youre Awesome! ❤

  4. Thanks Shellea,this was great ,Im trying hard to tone my inner highs even though I know this hard to do,the rest of my legs seem ok as I swim quite a bit,stay safe and well

  5. Thanks Shelly! Your workout videos are my daily routine while staying in locked down Spain because of the coronacrisis.
    So easy to keep to and very good how you emphasis importance and advantages for years to come.

  6. Hi! I recently turned 60 and love your workout videos. In the yoga workout, when you raise yourself, do you straighten your legs? I wasn’t able to straighten them and could not figure out from the video.

  7. If anyone has got an existing knee injury and wants to aggravate it, the best course of action is to do the "frog-squat" the lady presents; if you still do not have enough fun in your life, try doing the stretching exercise which she does sitting on the floor, your middle-aged lower back is going to "thank" you one day 😉

  8. Love your videos, am using them in my day to day, and suggest your channel as THE go-to place for all the women I know who are entering the second half of their lives and feeling a bit leg-less. The cross body stuff is great. Would love to see a workout that specifically addresses balance. Also one for those of us with knee pain issues.

  9. I appreciate your videos but feel this one missed the mark. Ridiculously ambitious for most women. Those who are up to this routine are unlikely to need you or other videos to guide them.

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