1. As a Physiotherapist I wouldn’t consider this suitable for the average senior. If you are able to do this, you don’t need a senior program. You would also be exceptionally flexible as many young people can’t do all of these. I now research physical activity in ageing populations, and there are many more appropriate programs. I would recommend this PT reconsiders the content of his program so there is a bigger range of alternatives.

  2. I have multiple sclerosis and was so sad when my health club shut as I loved swimming there but often found the exercise classes too long for my situation. This ten minute daily workout has been life enhancing. I can manage it without feeling exhausted afterwards and know it is really helping. Can’t thank you enough Joe

  3. Justo andaba buscado ejercicios para mi abuela que tiene 80, ella es muy activa, le gusta caminar pero ahora con esta cuarentena no puede salir a ningún lado.

  4. Hi Joe ! How are you today? I was really overweight but I lost over 9 stone doing my chair exercises. Thank you for your help by being on my YouTube channel. I think that your wife and kids are fantastic. I am your biggest fan but I do think if you are to do the celebrity shows your wife rosie will have to keep fit. I mean if she is going to complain of pain and aches no point in taking part . Love from Helen Wicks your faithful wife.

  5. I’m hoping this is going to help me, 66 and furloughed, feel very unfit and gained a fair bit of weight in 8 weeks, here’s hoping thanks Joe

  6. Hi Joe what if I was to increase this to thrice a day ie once early morning, once midday and lastly once at night just before bed totalling 3 times a day….

  7. Thanks Joe, been doing your Senior exercises for 3 weeks now, every morning after my stretching exercises for a herniated disc and sciatica. They are doing me the world of good! Keep calm and keep moving!

  8. Thank you so much for your videos! I’m 67 years old, and I find your 10 minute workouts perfect for me. I do one or two daily in addition to a few physical therapy exercises for my hips. These workouts are perfectly confrontable and provide just the activity level I need. Your encourage,ent throughout keeps me motivated, as does the accomplishment of having done the routine all the way through. I can’t say this about many others I’ve seen on YouTube.

  9. Omg , my first time doing this joe, I just loved it so much ,I went down stairs n got my husband to do it too,l promised my self I will do this every day, ur so kind to think of us.God bless you joe.

  10. At last an exercise routine I can actually achieve and feel good about. I have started holding tins of food for a bit of extra workout. Can we have more please.

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