1. Hi guys! Hope you’re all safe and healthy. Enjoy this 10 minute training session you can do at home with just a football and a little bit of space. To make the session longer, just add more rounds to the circuit. Get creative and feel free to adapt/add exercises to the workout. Below is the full workout:

    10 Minute At Home Workout

    Round One: Lateral ball hops x 20
    Round Two: Lateral fast feet over ball x 20
    Round Three: Lateral skis over ball x 20

    Round One: Push ups one hand on ball x 10
    Round Two: Drop Squats x 10
    Round Three: Lunge and twist x 10

    Round One: Russian twists x 20
    Round Two: Sit ups ball in air x 10
    Round Three Plank roll ball underneath x 20

    Technical (repeat all three rounds)
    Juggle – 100 touches
    Freestyle ball mastery – 30 seconds

  2. Love this workout!! Thanks for making this video 7mlc! I liked it so much I made a video on my channel doing the session and giving my thoughts.

  3. Love your work mate, have subscribed now.. Have to say the sound of your juggling in this video sped up was very therapeutic haha. Stay safe and keep up the great work. !

  4. Hey, Who's here because of Covid!? Like this comment!!!!
    Love how he said you could use socks for the cones! OR>>>>>>>>
    Use toilet paper rolls!!!! 😂😂😂😂

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