1. Blessed day bully juice new member and enjoying yr daily workouts,am a chef and have a big stomach what good diet would u recommend for me to incorporate in my daily workout for me

  2. @BullyJuice your workouts are awesome! They can be done in a short break from home office or after an tiring, sitting only day.

    But dude, this workout is way harder than the 20 minute full body workout 😳

  3. Just did this one for 1st half of day 7 (30 day workout) Bully, my dude…could you PLEASE throw your 30 day workout plan videos into a separate playlist on your channel for us? I have to keep scrolling through my gallery to look at the youtube screenshot (dont have IG) just to see what to do next. Would be very much appreciated by all of us if you would be so kind 🙂

    Thank you for everything you do!

  4. Thanks so much for this video! Just found your channel whilst looking for at home upper body workout videos. Did this video with my bf tonight and it’s fast paced but not too intense. Will be doing more of your videos during the confinement!

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